More work on Corundum

So last night I did a little more work on Corundum (still not totally satisfied with the name). I managed to get most of the pom stuff and JRuby dependency packaged. Now any project that uses it just needs this simple pom file and this assembly file. The assembly file is still a thorn in my side and hopefully I can figure out how to get it out of there. I’m planning to look at the flex-mojos project to see how they implement the swc packaging, maybe there’s an answer there.

I feel like this exercise has taught me just how inextensible maven really is. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but packaging this experiment for distribution has resulted in 2 sub-projects: one to set up the dependencies and assembly plugin and another to package the jruby runner class. And now I fear to think what it will take to release this. I might have to try doing something similar with rake or buildr as well just for comparison’s sake.