GTAC2008 Videos now available

Rather than continue my review/rant about GTAC2008, I think I’ll let you just decide for yourself since the videos are now available.

Many of them are less-than-interesting, but the following are probably worth a look.

  1. Boosting Your Testing Productivity with Groovy – Andres Almiray
    I’ve been doing a lot of this stuff with Groovy lately, more detail to follow.
  2. The New Genomics: Software Development at Petabyte Scale – Matt Wood
    It’s not about testing, but it’s a good talk.
  3. Automated Model-Based Testing of Web Applications – Atif M. Memon and Oluwaseun Akinmade
    Nothing here that you can go and download just yet, but very interesting research.
  4. Atom Publishing Protocol: Testing your Server Implementation – David Calavera
    This gist of this one is really just: check out Ape, it’s cool. But I think David should also be given a lot of credit for giving a pretty solid talk despite it being his first talk in English. Nice work, David!

The Future of Testing by James A. Whittaker is also probably worth a look, but the video is still listed as “coming soon”, so I’ll link to that when it’s available.

I’ll discontinue my GTAC2008 recap unless anyone is really dying to hear more of my ranting. More blog posts on my Groovy work to follow.