Migrating from Subversion to ... Subversion?

As an update to my previous post, one of my coworkers found that this technique was also applicable to migration between Subversion servers and that using git as intermediary was actually a bit more graceful than the traditional svnadmin dump/load approach. Git wins once again!

The one thing he noted is that this ends up with occasional 0-length patch files, I’m guessing from commits that only modified svn properties. These files will cause git am to abort, but can just be deleted for the re-import.

Here’s the script he used:


# Source URL

# Destination URL

# Source and destination repo types (svn,p4)

PROJECT=`basename "${SRC_URL}"`

# Clone SRC repo
git ${SRC_TYPE} clone ${SRC_URL} "${PROJECT}_src.git${SRC_TYPE}"

# Julienne SRC clone into patch files
mkdir "${PROJECT}.patches"
cd "${PROJECT}_src.git${SRC_TYPE}"
git format-patch --root HEAD -o "../${PROJECT}.patches"
cd ..

# Clone DST repo with empty target PROJECT dir
svn mkdir "${DST_URL}/${PROJECT}" -m "Initial repository layout."
git ${DST_TYPE} clone "${DST_URL}/${PROJECT}" "${PROJECT}_dst.git${DST_TYPE}"

# Merge SRC patches into DST clone
cd "${PROJECT}_dst.git${DST_TYPE}"
git am "../${PROJECT}.patches/"*

# Commit changes DST repo
git ${DST_TYPE} dcommit --add-author-from
cd ..